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Underground Storage Tank Removal – Fort Campbell, Kentucky/Tennessee

Client: USACE, Nashville District
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Removed three USTs, removed an associated oil/water separator, and closed three additional USTs in place at Fort Campbell on the Kentucky-Tennessee border.

  • Removed and permanently closed one 1,000-gal. heating oil UST, one 5,000-gal. used oil UST, and one 10,000-gal. used oil UST
  • Removed an OWS associated with the 5,000 and 10,000 gal. USTs
  • Closed in-place one 1,000-gal., one 3,000-gal., and one 20,000-gal. heating oil UST at three separate buildings
  • Collected soil samples for lab analyses confirming compliance with applicable state environmental requirements
  • Recycled USTs, concrete, and rebar
  • Disposed of non-hazardous, contaminated soils