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Established in 1992, Aerostar SES LLC is an Alaska Native-owned company that provides full-service environmental, engineering, and construction services. Our employees provide a broad range of services to commercial, industrial, and governmental agencies located throughout the United States. 

Aerostar SES maintains an unwavering commitment to six areas of practice we confidently call “core competencies.” These are the services our clients routinely request and the services we deliver across multiple private and public sector industries throughout the country. Our core competencies represent the foundation of experience from which our clients benefit and Aerostar SES’s best value is consistently delivered.


Environmental Site Assessments

Environmental site assessment services are used by clients to make important decisions. Fortune 500 companies, lending institutions, real estate developers, environmental engineering firms, construction firms, M&A investors, legal professionals, and insurance companies look to Aerostar SES for a wide variety of environmental advice, reports, and related deliverables. We understand our services must be technically correct, on-time, and on-budget. At Aerostar SES, we differentiate ourselves by also ensuring meaningful answers are provided for the client questions that matter the most. Our environmental site assessment services include:

  • Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments
  • Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) Preliminary Assessments
  • PFAS Site Investigations
  • Asbestos, Lead-Based Paint, Mold and Indoor Air Quality Surveys
  • Brownfields Investigations
  • Soil, Sediment, Groundwater and Surface Water Quality Sampling and Analyses
  • Remedial Feasibility Studies and Cost Estimates
  • Hydrogeological Modeling
  • Geosciences
  • Building Condition Reports
  • Contamination Screening Evaluations (CSEs)
NEPA & Natural Resources

The environmental industry is evolving from one focused on the past to one building a more sustainable future. Today, no highway can be built, runway extended, port expanded, or new facility constructed until environmental impacts are properly assessed. Aerostar SES offers unparalleled capabilities and national recognition in environmental and natural resources protection. Our biological and ecological personnel provide these services to commercial industries, private landowners, developers, and government sector clients located throughout the continental United States. Our NEPA and Natural Resources Services include:

  • Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) and Environmental Assessments (EA)
  • Biological Assessments (BA) and Habitat Conservation Plans (HCP)
  • Wetlands Delineation, Permitting and Mitigation
  • Wetlands Design, Enhancement and Restoration
  • Threatened and Endangered Species Surveys and Habitat Mapping
  • Integrated Natural Resources Management Plans (INRMP)
  • Wildlife Management Plans and Hazard Assessments
  • Utilities and Pipeline Route Assessments
  • GIS and Data Management Services
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Invasive Species and Noxious Vegetation Management
Engineering & Compliance

Environmental stewardship and regulatory compliance are key mission objectives for virtually all private and public sector entities. Aerostar SES assists clients navigating the complex body of environmental regulations with expertise earned through years of service across multiple industries and operating environments. We believe well designed pollution prevention, preparedness and response measures can truly add value to any organization’s services and products. At Aerostar SES LLC, we are uniquely qualified and have a strong desire to assist our clients with achieving this goal. Our Engineering and Compliance Services include:

  • Stormwater Management Plans, Permitting, and Monitoring
  • Water and Wastewater Distribution Systems
  • Industrial Wastewater Treatment System Design and Permitting
  • Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Waste Management Plans and Permitting
  • Oil Pollution Act of 1990 Facility and Vessel Spill Response Plans
  • UST/AST System Design, Permitting, Management Plans, and Compliance Audits
  • Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plans
  • Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) Reporting
  • Title V Air Emissions Inventories and Permitting
  • Pollution Prevention Plans
  • Regulatory Compliance Audits
  • Energy and Water Conservation Studies
Industrial Hygiene

Facility owners, operators, and all employers have a responsibility to anticipate, evaluate, and control health hazards in the workplace. Aerostar SES’s industrial hygiene services address physical, chemical, and biological hazards through a combination of strict scientific methodology and professional experience. For those workplace hazards that cannot be eliminated by process engineering alone, Aerostar SES stands ready to assist clients with a wide variety of on-site exposure monitoring, hazard assessment, and control services. Our Industrial Hygiene Services include:

  • Health and Safety Program Development and Compliance Auditing
  • Asbestos Surveys
  • Lead Surveys
  • Asbestos and Lead Abatement Monitoring
  • Mold Assessment and Remediation
  • Indoor Air Quality Assessments and Remediation
  • Exposure Assessments
  • Personnel Air Monitoring
  • Noise Assessments
  • Chinese Drywall Investigations
  • Radon Surveys
Environmental Remediation

Environmental remediation technologies and the procedures used to implement them continue to evolve at an ever increasing rate. Aerostar SES has been positioned at the top of this learning curve for over 19 years. Advancements in the techniques and equipment used to sample, analyze, delineate, treat, remove, and control environmental contaminants are reducing project risks and costs. Sustainable and “Green” remediation technologies and approaches are emerging. Environmental policies and regulations are developing well beyond punitive actions alone. Aerostar SES’s experience and capability in this area is matched by few other firms. Our Remediation and Construction Services include:

  • Remedial System Design, Installation, Operation and Maintenance
  • Guaranteed Fixed Price Remediation Programs
  • Performance Based Cleanups
  • Risk Based Corrective Actions (RBCA)
  • Emergency Spill Response and Source Removals
  • AST/UST System Design, Construction, Upgrades, and Removals
  • Remedial Action Plans (RAP)
  • Brownfields Redevelopment Services
  • Sustainment, Restoration and Modernization (SRM) Construction
  • Ecosystem Restoration
  • Landfill Capping
  • Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades

Aerostar SES provides engineering, design, general, civil and environmental construction management services and specialize in design-build tasks involving electrical, mechanical, structural and building envelope, and site renovations, upgrades and modernizations. While providing general facility and infrastructure improvements, we also support and implement energy conservation and ‘green’ initiatives.

We have established strong local, regional and national pools of experienced subcontractors who provide expertise in specialty construction task areas to support our varied projects. Our teams move quickly to mobilize personnel and equipment, and frequently fast-track projects to get the job done efficiently and with minimal disturbance to site occupants.

Our construction capabilities include design, construction and upgrade/repair of Federal, municipal and commercial:

  • Medical, administrative, and warehouses
  • Electrical and mechanical infrastructure
  • Structural and building envelope infrastructure
  • Military firing ranges
  • Treatment systems
  • Sewer lines and utilities
  • Community infrastructure

We also provide:

  • Sustainment, Restoration and Modernization (SRM) construction
  • Earthwork – including dredging, filling and grading
  • Installation of drainage improvement structures
  • Demolition and green deconstruction services
  • Site cleanup and repairs at environmentally damaged sites
  • General vertical and horizontal construction
These services are provided within multiple areas of focus in the private (commercial), local, state and federal levels including:
Emerging Contaminants

Aerostar SES operates primarily under these NAICS codes:

562910 – Remediation Services (as a Small Business under the 750 employee exception) 236220 – Commercial and Institutional Building Construction

Aerostar SES Office Locations


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Metairie, Louisiana (New Orleans)

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Oak Ridge, Tennessee

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San Antonio, Texas

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