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Oak Ridge, Tennessee—Bristol Bay Native Corporation (BBNC)  announced its acquisition of Herman Construction Group, Inc., a leading design-build contractor headquartered in Escondido, California. The company will join BBNC’s construction business line under the SES group headquartered in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

Herman Construction Group, Inc. was founded in 2009 and has earned a reputation for its commitment to quality construction services and its outstanding safety record. The company works in diverse markets throughout the U.S., including healthcare, biotech, the public sector, corporate offices, multifamily residential, sustainability/alternative energy, military and special projects.

“We are pleased to welcome Herman Construction Group to the SES and BBNC family,” said Basil Skelton, President and CEO of the SES group. “Herman Construction’s outstanding leadership and workforce, strong track record, values, and range of expertise make a great addition to the SES group.”

Herman Construction will incorporate its strong foothold in the southwest and DoD market, complementary business acumen, and robust digital infrastructure into this acquisition. This will bolster the operational integration of the companies.

“Herman Construction is very excited to be joining forces with SES and BBNC,” Herman Construction Group President Lars Herman said. “The similar cultures of taking care of our people and encouraging high performance from our teams made the merger a natural fit. We are really looking forward to widening our reach, tapping into cross-country resources and building something best in class, larger and quicker than anything we could have done alone.”

The acquisition was effective on March 1, 2021.