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About Us

SES Companies— SpecPro Environmental Services LLC (SES), SES Construction and Fuel Services LLC (SCF), Aerostar SES LLC (Aerostar SES), SES Energy Services LLC (SES Energy), SES Electrical LLC (SEL), SES Civil and Environmental LLC (SCE), and SES Infrastructure Services LLC — are seven sister companies marketed under the umbrella of the SES group of companies. For a quarter of a century the personnel associated with each SES company have been providing government and private clients with engineering, environmental, fuels, and construction services.

SES companies are headquartered in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, with additional offices throughout the south and southeast. We establish temporary site support offices as needed to service our clients nationwide and overseas.

Our companies’ proficiencies are in environmental, civil, and infrastructure engineering, design, and construction; compressed natural gas (CNG) and fuel systems; and a broad range of environmental services. Our goal is to meet client requirements effectively and efficiently using a systematic approach to provide cost-effective, innovative, and sustainable solutions. A history of high client retention and repeat business is testimony to a reputation held by all SES companies for quality, consistency, and dependability.

All our companies are subsidiaries of Bristol Bay Native Corporation, an Alaska Native Corporation with operations in government services, construction, industrial services and tourism.

Established through the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971 (ANCSA), Bristol Bay Native Corporation works to ensure the continuation of the life and culture of more than 10,000 shareholders—the Eskimo, Indian and Aleut Natives of Southwest Alaska’s Bristol Bay region.

To learn more about Bristol Bay Native Corporation, visit bbnc.net.